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"The Dragon Slayer"

True tales of the Ultimate Dragon Slayer



Don Tipton

Let me introduce myself. I'm Contemporary Christian Artist and songwriter, Don Tipton. I am a son of "The Ultimate Dragon Slayer" Jesus Christ, He defeated that old serpent, the devil, when He rose from the grave. He has given us authority over that old dragon, and his dominions. We can cast out demons in His name, lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. If need be we can handle serpents (and Dragons). They will not harm us, for greater is He who is in us then he who is in the world (the devil).
Now that you know who I am let me tell you how the first dragon in my life was slain. That was the dragon of unbelief in the risen Savior Jesus Christ.

This is my personal testimony of how I came to faith in Jesus Christ.
Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away which was known as Chillicothe, Ohio lived a boy by the name of
Don Tipton. He was a special boy because he had a calling on his life, but at the time he had no idea that he was one of God's Chosen One's, and he was destined to become a son of the ultimate dragon slayer, and a  messenger of the most high God to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. So this is the story of how he first came to faith in Jesus Christ, the ultimate dragon slayer!
 I was born, and raised in central Ohio. I went to a small high school by the name of Zane Trace. There were only about eighty people in the graduating class. I starting playing the guitar when I was about thirteen years old, thanks to my Uncle Howard, who taught me a few chords on the guitar.
 I got an acoustic guitar for my 13th birthday. I would play for hours at a time, mostly country music at that time, because that's all my parents listened too. When I got into high school, I was introduced to rock and roll music.
 Al Westrick, who had been my best friend since grade school, was learning to play the electric guitar, so we decided to start a band that we called The American Destiny. We played together in several bands in the next few years, and after graduation. We played at high schools, music venues and night clubs around south central Ohio.
During this time I started hanging out with some people from the wild crowd. I got into drinking and doing drugs. Mainly just smoking pot to begin with, but then pills, uppers, downers, and then on to LSD.
Pot was a gateway drug for me that lead to harder drugs. Pot gave me a false sense of security. I begin to believe that if pot hadn't hurt me, then other drugs wouldn't hurt me either. Pot may not be a gateway drug for all people, but it was for me.
 After awhile I met this beautiful girl named Paula. She later on became my wife. She had heard from a friend of hers about these two guys who played music on acoustic guitars. (That being my friend Rick Haubeil and I.). We liked to play and sing easy listening music like Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Loggins & Messina, and also some songs that I had written. We were doing this aside from my involvement in the band Magic Mountain that I was in.
One night Paula invited Rick and I to come over and play our music at her house. She had invited several of her friends to come and listen to us. Well to make a long story short. Paula and I started dating. We fell in love and got married. She loved me the just the way I was, long haired, pot smoking, rock and roller, even though she was not into all those things. She was basically a good little Catholic girl.
Not long after we were married, and then she became pregnant with our first child, a little girl. The first of four girls I might add.
 I knew if I was going to be a good father I had to get my act together and straighten my life up.
The band (Magic Mountain) split up after awhile, and I had to get a real job. I started driving a taxi cab from three o'clock in the afternoon until three o'clock in the morning. I was trying to stop doing drugs, but I'd always have my friends around to make sure I kept doing them. I had quite smoking cigarettes, but every time I turned around, one of my buddies would pop into the cab, while I was at the cab stand, with a joint, or something. Finally I realized the only way I was going to change my life and be a good role model for my child was to get away from this lifestyle.
My wife's parents had moved to Dayton, Ohio. I decided the best way to clean up my life was to get a new start somewhere else. Some place where people I knew couldn't keep dragging back into my old life style. So we moved to Fairborne, Ohio, just outside of Dayton.
I still remember the night I dumped my last nickle bag of pot down the toilet, and flushed it, along with my old life, away for good! I was determined I was going to be a good husband, father, and role model to my little girl. I didn't know that God was already working on my heart.
I got a job as a security guard at night in an old closed down cement factory, the graveyard shift.
 Well having the graveyard shift was really boring. The most excitement I'd get was once and a while I'd catch a couple trying to park to make out, and I'd have to run them off.
 I started reading cheap novels to occupy my time. One night I ran out of cheap novels, and I didn't have the money to purchase another one. When I arrived at work that night I started checking around the old cement factory, inside some of the foreman's offices, and old lockers, to see if I could find something to read. Well, finally I came across an old King James bible in one of the desks. I began to read it, and read it, and read it some more. I was devouring Gods word. Night after night I would read God's word. I never even bought another cheap novel, I just kept reading the bible. I wasn't raised in church so all of this stuff was new to me, and I was drawn to it. I couldn't put it down!
 I started listening to a Christian radio program called Outreach from somewhere in California. One night while I was listening, they offered a free bible (The New American Standard) so I sent off to get it.
 When it arrived, they had sent a gospel tract along with it. At the back of the tract was the sinners prayer. So right there in that dirty old factory, I spread a piece of newspaper out on the floor. I got down on my knees, and I asked Jesus to come into my life and be my Lord and Savior. You know what? He did. After that all I could do was eat, sleep and drink Jesus. Studying His word and sharing Him with anyone who would listen. I went to bed thinking about Jesus, and I got up thinking about Jesus. I ate, slept, and drank Jesus, 24- 7.
 One night some friends (Jack & Karolyn Deater) had come down to visit us for the weekend from Michigan. We spent the whole evening talking about Jesus, (because as it turned out while God was working on me, He'd also been working on them). We had known them from our days in Chillicothe, Ohio. They had since moved to Detroit, Michigan were Jack's dad was the Pastor of a Lutheran Church.
 That night after we went to bed, my wife whispered to me, I don't know what you have, but if it gives you this much joy, peace, and excitement, I want it too. So we knelt beside our bed and prayed. That night she received Christ as her Savior. It was great! As our two friends left that Sunday, they jokingly said to us, If we find you a job in Michigan (the Detroit area), will you move up there with us? We said sure why not, never dreaming it would really happen. Little did we know what God had planned for us.
 A few weeks later they called, and said, we have found you a job here hanging drywall with a man from our church. Will you come? Well after some deep consideration, and prayer we said yes.
 We packed up our little girl, along with all our belongings and preceded to move to Detroit, Michigan. My wife was pregnant with our second child by this time.
 The first day we arrived there was a Sunday, our friends wanted us to come to their Sunday night church service. It was held at a local college, and Jack's Dad, who had been a Lutheran minister in the area. He had gotten baptized in the Holy Spirit. He was promptly asked to resign as Pastor of the Lutheran church were he had by this time been for a couple of years. His name, Pastor Harvey Deater, one of the most Godly men I have ever known. It was our pleasure to be taught the Word of God by him for almost twenty years. He taught as to just be. Just be you say? What does that mean? Well, it means to just be what God has already declared you to be in His Word. We are overcomers, more than conquerors. We are healed by His stripes. We have everything we need for life, and godliness. We are dead to sin, and alive to God through Christ Jesus. In other words just walk in what God has already declared us to be in His Word through the death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.
 I'd like to take this time to personally thank Pastor Harvey Deater for all he has done for us over the years. His teaching, his faithfulness to God, his being a vessel to meet the spiritual, and physical needs of God's people. His reward in Heaven will be great. Thank you Pastor Deater! We love you!
  Pastor Deater was just starting a charismatic church which was later named Macomb Christian Community Center.

That Sunday night they were meeting at the local community college. We decided to go. When the music started playing,(My friend Jack was in the worship band), we began worshiping, and praising God. Both myself, and my wife just looked at each other, and knew we were where we were supposed to be. God had brought us here for a purpose. We were home.
For almost twenty years, until he retired, we sat at the feet of Pastor Deater and were taught the Word of God . I became part of the worship team, and we spiritually grew up there as our children physically grew up and went to Christian school there.
 The drywall job didn't last very long. The Lord opened doors and got me a job working for a propane company shortly after we arrived in Michigan. I spent the next twenty years working there.
 This whole time God was blessing me with songs. My friend Jack and I, played in two different Christian bands while I lived there. One was called "The Promise Land Band", and the other was called "Compassion". Both bands played all original material that was either written by Jack or I. I enjoyed it very much, and I know we touched some lives for Jesus with our music.
After Pastor Deater retired, we decided to move to Nashville, Tn. I wanted to try to get some of my music recorded. After much prayer, we decided to step out in faith. We moved to Nashville.
I was able to transfer there through my work at the propane company, because they had a location here.

So we left all our friends, including our best friends, Jess & Pat Petrove, and some of our grown children.  We took the leap of faith and moved to Nashville. We've been here a quite a number of years now. We bought a house and I am busy with my music. My first album "HOLY FIRE!" was released in 2005. I have a recording studio at my house and I'm retired now working on my music full time and sharing the gospel of Christ.

  If you've never received Christ as your Savior. Today is the time. Jesus beckons for you today as He stands at the door of your heart and knocks. Will you let Him in? That is with out a doubt the most important question you'll ever have to answer, except for when you will stand before God the Father on judgment day and you have to explain why you rejected His Son Jesus Christ.  Today is the day of your salvation. Don't wait! Tomorrow might be to late. Answer the door and ask Jesus in!
His Servant, Don Tipton

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